Zups Fishing Resort and Canoe Outfitters with lakeside cabins on Lac La Croix, Minnesota

Zup's Fishing Resort & Canoe Outfitters
on Lac La Croix Lake

It's All About Fishing - So Many Species - In One Great Lake!

Lake Trout  AKA "Lakers"
Lake Trout Fishing on Lac La Croix is becoming more and more popular… after convincing all of the smallmouth fisherman from the south that there are other species in Lac La Croix, they have taken a liking to pulling in large lakers and white fish .  Lake Trout, unlike the other species, spawn in the fall.  Early ice out anglers find lakers very shallow…talk about the surprise of a southern fisherman when they bring a 14 pound lake trout into the lodge asking what it is!  They were fishing for smallies top water, and tied into a trout!  The favored lure is of coarse a spoon… the weight depends upon the time of the year.  White fish and Lake Trout are excellent smoked… which we are happy to do for you at the lodge.  Other great recipes for trout include barbequed or boiled for “poor mans lobster.”  Mark’s recipes are a must, and he enjoys preparing them different ways for an hor de vour for your table… The 2015 record holder ran 31 lbs.

6 lbs Lake Trout Catch

Stringer of Crappie and Walleye

Crappie fishing on La Croix just seems to be getting better and better.  Crappie’s tend to spawn around the same time as the small mouth.  Small jigs along with small minnows work the best.  Grassy, weedy bays are great areas to look for crappie. Ask the locals what their favorite fish meal is up north?  Most will tell you fresh crappie… 








Lake Sturgeon
Sturgeon are a bottom feeder, and are generally found in deep channels, and river bottoms.  They have a prehistoric look to them… and what a fight!  Many are caught by walleye, and northern anglers.  They are a very oily fish, and are good smoked.  Usually caught by accident… but make a great story!  The largest for 2015 was figured at 45 lbs.  

Largemouth Bass
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout

Largemouth, rainbow and brook trout are not found in Lac La Croix itself, but they're one portage away. We'll help you plan a day trip to the appropriate lakes for these three species.

Boat and Motor Specs
Our new 16' or 17' Lund boats with floors and swivel seats are an anglers dream. All are equipped with 30 HP or 40HP electric start,  Mercury, Yamaha or Honda motors and bow mount foot controlled electric trolling motors with unlimited battery supply.

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Zup's Fishing Resort & Canoe Outfitters
on Lac La Croix Lake

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